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Pre-Save Spinning The Truth Around

Let's talk "Pre-Save"and "Pre-Add" . Years ago we'd work towards pre-selling as many CDs as possible leading up to the release date of an album. That would help Blue October chart as high as possible on the Billboard charts and ultimately "the industry" would see it and open opportunities for the band. That's all very different now.

With the streaming era, it's all about Pre-Saves (though physical pre-sales also matter). The band have a goal to hit 20,000 Pre-Saves of the new album Spinning The Truth Around (Part I) before the release date on October 14th.

Pre-Saving the album on Spotify, Apple Music or other streaming platforms helps the band with two things. First, it affects the initial "algorithm" the streaming platforms use to spread music they sense as popular. Second, it helps with curated play-listing on the platforms. The more pre-saves, the more and bigger playlists the band is likely to get, helping spread the music. Social media and streaming platform algorithms are hard to fight. You all are our Blue Family so you care, you interact and you see all Blue October "news". There are many people who love Blue October or who would love Blue October, but they don't know we're still around or do not know we release new music every couple years because algorithms suppress the band.

Please help us break through these algorithms. If you have a streaming account, go pre-save the album now. If you still listen to CDs, go pre-order the new album now. You can do this easily using the link below. Please share and encourage others to pre-save and pre-order. It helps way more than you could know.

Pre-Save the new album by clicking here:

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Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson
Feb 07, 2023


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