After the overwhelming response from sons, daughters, mothers and fathers to ANYMANINAMERICA.COM Blue October wants to take your beautiful heartfelt messages and thoughts and share them with the world through our video for "The Worry List".

Here is what to do:
1. We encourage you to take part and upload a short video clip (with or without written messages, average 3 to 4 seconds) of honest unstaged moments of joy, happiness, sadness, and beauty for use in "The Worry List" music video. Who's worry list are you on? What's on your worry list?

NOTE: Video resolution must be as high as possible (HD resolutions are preferred - 1280x720 or 1920x1080)

2. Upload your video to YouTube and keep it unlisted.

3. Please submit your video by sending the YouTube URL and a short description to

Once we start to get entries we will be going through the uploads and choosing the most touching moments captured on film to put in our music video.

Video Submission Release:
By submitting your video clip you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.